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Chapter 1
I woke up from an irritable noise. I sat up in the bed that I was in, and have no clue how or why I'm in it. I yawned and perked my ears to listen to the noise. It sounded like some sort of battleship...or something.
I decided to get up and explore my way around the unfamiliar place. I exited from the room and looked around the corner. No one's here... I thought.
I turned around the corner and kept walking straight. I kept turning my head and looking at the sights around me. I was slightly amazed at all of the high tech inventions. As I turned my head to the normal position, I collided into a black hedgehog. We fell.
"Oh! I'm...Sorry. I wasn't paying attention to where I was..." I stopped. I noticed the hedgehog getting angry. I tried lending him a hand, but he pushed it away with force. He got up himself.
"So, you're awake..." He said while clenching his teeth.
It seemed as if he had horrible anger issues. I nodded.
"Follow me," He said, but just grabbed my wrist. He grasped it with so much force, that I couldn't feel it at all. I groaned.
"You're...hurting me..." I said while struggling to get away from his grasp. He didn't bother to listen to my whims. His mind was set on bringing me somewhere...
A set of automatic doors opened, and he threw me in the room.
"Ow!" I exclaimed. "What the hell is your problem?!" The hedgehog just stood without emotion at the man sitting in the chair.
"You finally awoke, have you Luna?" The man asked.
"How do you know my name?"I asked. The man just turned around in his chair. He chuckled.
"I know much about you, Luna. In fact, I know what has become of your family." I scowled. How the hell does he know what happened to them?! I thought madly.

My family is dead. They all died in a tragic accident two years ago. I was thirteen, but fifteen now.
I decided to stay home while they all went on a trip to....some place...I don't remember. But, I don't like going on trips, so they trusted me to take care of the house.
Well, they were supposed to come back a few days later, but they never did. I got a call from a policeman.


"Are you Luna Yamagishi?" The man had asked.
"Yeah...Why?" I replied, not knowing why a cop would call me.
"Oh...Well...I'm Dan, and...your family...they got in a tragic car accident. None of them lived." Dan said sadly. I did not reply. My eyes blurred, and I felt tears building up.
"Okay..." I said in a normal voice, showing no emotion whatsoever.
"Where do you live? We need to figure out where you are going to go, you can't stay home by yourself."
"Yes I can! I know how to take care of myself very well." I replied. The man chuckled.
"We know that you can, but you can't possibly live without any money to pay bills and get food." I sighed. Dan was right, what about money?
"I'll survive somehow." I replied. The man chuckled again.
"We can't let you do that, missy. I'm afraid that we're going to-"
"Please! Just let me prove to you that I can survive on my own." I desperately pleaded. Dan sighed.
"Alright. You have a week to prove it." Then he hung up. I felt happy to be privilaged like this, but then again filled with anger and grief about what had just happened.


And, here I am now, wondering why I ended up in a mysterious place like this.
"How do you know about what happened to them?!" I exclaimed.
"That, is a secret that you will soon find out." The bald man replied.
"Fine then, who are you, and the other people here on this...this...battleship...?" I asked.
"I'm Dr. Robotnik. The hedgehog that took you here is Shadow. The other servant on this ship, is named Jun, but is currently not present." I nodded, taking in all of this overwhelming information.
"You will be serving me, along with the other two. But, you have to follow under their rules, including mine. If you disobey any of them, then you will suffer the consequences." The doctor explained and emphasized. I grew afraid. I better do what I'm order to live.
"Shadow! Show Luna her room!" He commanded. Shadow grabbed my by the wrist again, at the same force. I groaned in pain, but no one seemed to notice.
"Here." He said. He opened the door and threw me in the room. I sighed.
This is getting weirder and weirder by the second...and since when does he tell me what I have to do?! I thought.
I made this story a few months ago, but I didn't really think I should post it on DeviantArt. I dunno if it will be really popular among other stories on this site, but I just thought I should give it a try.

This story is called Love is Like a Battlefield [A Shadow the Hedgehog Love Story]
I have this posted on Quizilla. Chapter 2 is also on there, but I'm not going to post Chapter 2 on here yet until the story is criticized and and proven to have another Chapter. [Lol that sounded funny in a way]
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I can't the story on Quizilla. So could you post it on here maybe? Really good story.
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Lol my last name is luna heheheh A. Luna "moon" X) I like my name and ur story but it REALLY needs a part two and there is no "love"...yea
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i really like it tho.
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i don't really get the "love story" part.AND WHO IS LUNA?i need the 2 chapter! O.O
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BTW Luna is the main character of this story. She's a made up character.
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O.O The "Love Story" part just means it's a Love story. About like a character falling in love with another character, thus making a "Love" Story.

You like the story? O.e I'll get it on ASAP.
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